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Terms and condition
Before you begin using the services, carefully read the RULES and pay particular attention to the safety tips. Failure to comply with instructions the organiser may entail serious consequences. Please note that incorrect use of equipment can cause serious injury and even death.
1. The terms contained in these terms and conditions:
- Organizer - private company based in Brzezicach (also called a service provider), represented by Mr. Robert Kasprzak, providing services on the principles contained in the remainder of the rules of procedure,
- less - private person or company using the services of the Organizer on the principles contained in the following regulations (also called the recipient),
- equipment - motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, accessories, clothing, helmet and all types of things provided by the organizer of the tenant under the terms of the lease,
- track - the space indicated and provided by the promoter in order to effectively use by less shared equipment.
2. Before renting the equipment the hirer is to sign the Declaration, which States that he hires a vehicle on your own responsibility and risk, and in the event of any damage was inflicted on will not be demanded compensation and shall have full responsibility for any damage to your equipment.
3. The equipment may be used only for private use on the track.
4. The tenant may be a person at least 18 years of age.
5. The tenant must have a national ID card, as proof of identity.
6. For any damage arising from health and use of rental equipment shall be borne by the Tenant.
7. Any damage to the property resulting from incorrect operation of the equipment rental shall be borne by the Tenant.
8. The tenant is obliged to refrain from consuming alcohol or other drugs before or during use of the equipment.
9. One vehicle can go up to a maximum of two people. For security and eventual damage (accident, collision, sinking, flooding) the full responsibility of the Tenant.
10. Each tenant passing short training to use the equipment.
11. Before the start of the drive, it must be assumed adequate protective clothing and protective helmet fit.
12. Leading the vehicle may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
13. Speed should be adjusted to the weather conditions and driving skills. Vehicle speed should be adjusted to suit your skills and experience. Driving with too high a speed not adapted to the abilities and terrain conditions can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and increase the risk of an accident.
14. While driving keep both hands on the steering wheel.
15. Applies to "other deductions" and a ban on driving outside the designated track.
In the case of such events, the organizer can interrupt and exclude participants from further driving without possibility of refund.
The supplier bears full responsibility for personal injury resulting from legal civil and property caused by you when using the rented vehicle.
16. The Organizer does not take responsibility for the consequences of accidents resulting from non-compliance by the najemce to the rules of procedure.
17. Price list for the provision of services by the service provider and the duration of the drive sets the Organizer.
18. In the event of a breach of the rules by the tenant, the organiser has the right at any time to discontinue the service without reimbursement of fees for service.
19. The organizer has the right to refuse service to a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
20. All decisions of the organiser are final, and the cancellation of one of the points does not invalidate the entire terms and conditions. In matters not covered by these rules shall be deemed to be in force for the provisions of the civil code.
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